West Virginia Adoption Attorney Anthony Selbe

Adoptive parents and child holding heart.

As a West Virginia attorney, Attorney Selbe’s absolute favorite cases are adoptions. The cases aren’t flashy as a real estate deal, and he doesn’t make a ton of money on them like a civil case. But he gets to help West Virginia families grow.

Reasons for West Virginia Adoptions

Adoptions in West Virginia happen for a variety of reasons: the death of a parent, the absence of a parent, or termination of parental rights through an abuse and neglect case. In any event, the adopted child needs stability. You need an attorney experienced in handling adoptions – from termination through the final adoption hearing. The most common theme in West Virginia adoptions is substance abuse. Attorney Selbe has represented multiple clients where a substance abusing parent contested the adoption. He’s successfully addressed the issue and finalized adoptions. Whether you are a grandparent or family member that has stepped up to the plate to provide a home to a child, take a positive first step with Selbe Law Firm PLLC.

An Experienced West Virginia Adoption Attorney

Attorney Anthony Selbe has experience working in West Virginia Abuse and Neglect cases as a guardian ad litem. He also has experience litigating private adoptions. Whatever your situation, let Anthony take his success in trial court and the appellate process and help you with your case.

Serving All 55 West Virginia Counties

County boundaries are not an obstacle! Attorney Selbe handles adoption cases in all fifty-five (55) West Virginia counties. He practices from his office in Nicholas County and travels to you. Unlike other practice areas, Attorney Selbe does not charge for adoption consultations. And he am available to meet in person and by video. Selbe Law Firm wants to make the process as smooth as possible for you and your new family.

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