You’re not getting any younger. Have the uncomfortable conversations now, to save your family the hard choices later. A West Virginia estate planning attorney isn’t some boogey man. It’s someone that helps you plan for what you know is going to happen. Selbe Law Firm PLLC in Summersville helps people plan for what’s coming. Death is not a possibility. It’s a certainty. So plan ahead.

Last Will and Testament

Medical Power of Attorney

Nobody wants to think about dying. But it is going to happen at some point. We don’t know when or how, but just like taxes, it happens. Leave your family peace of mind by addressing your last wishes now with Summersville estate attorney Anthony Selbe. 

The most uncomfortable conversation of all: life support and DNR directives. We will discuss your wishes in the event you are on life-saving care. Who is the most reliable person to make the decision? What measures do you want hospital staff to take to save you? These are heavy conversations. But the decision your family has to make at the hospital can be even harder without a medical power of attorney in place. Attorney Selbe helps families prepare for the most stressful events.

Non-Probate Transfers

Medicaid Consulting

In addition to a full estate plan, Attorney Selbe will review the possibility of non-probate transfers: life estates, transfer on death deeds, and trusts. The more simple the West Virginia probate process, the more peace of mind your family will have.

Have you transferred assets in the last five years? Were the transfers under market value? If so, there could be Medicaid penalties. Attorney Anthony Selbe will review all of your property transfers and keep Medicaid eligibility in mind when planning your West Virginia estate.

That’s why Selbe Law Firm has created a FREE West Virginia Estate Planning E-Book. It’s practical advice on simple steps you can take to plan for the future.

Put your mind at ease. Download Attorney Selbe’s free WV Estate Planning E-book now. Then, let’s talk.