West Virginia Business Law

Running a business can be exciting. It can also be terrifying. As the Mountain State grows, so do new businesses. And with new businesses come new challenges and legal hurdles. Nicholas County Attorney Anthony Selbe has worked in the halls of a Fortune 500 hundred company, regional law firms, and has owned several businesses. He knows the challenges you face. Let Attorney Selbe apply his experience to your situation as your business attorney.

Business Litigation

Outside General Counsel

Businesses attract conflict. No matter how well operated. That is the nature of the world we live in. Selbe Law Firm defends businesses across West Virginia. We help small and mid-sized businesses protect their hard-earned capital and success.

A lawyer’s only job isn’t to defend businesses. It’s to help them grow and get stronger. Selbe Law Firm doesn’t just recognize problems. It helps solve them. No matter what issues you face as a business owner, Selbe Law Firm offers outside general counsel services to small and mid-sized businesses. We address issues ranging from corporate formation¬† to good corporate governance.

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